Your Custom Made Personal Wax Seal Round Stamps
Your Custom Made Personal Wax Seal Round Stamps
Your Custom Made Personal Wax Seal Round Stamps
Your Custom Made Personal Wax Seal Round Stamps

Your Custom Made Personal Wax Seal Round Stamps

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 From the simplest design to the most complex heraldry, whether it's a company logo, heraldry, signature, family crest, or team logo, our fully customized wax-printed stamps are individually engraved, using the most advanced laser engraving technology, Make a clear and precise impression on the wax.

Upgrade to the kit:
You will get 2 Seal Wax and a gift box, which will save up to 40%

If you choose another tool, please visit here.
For instructions on making the perfect wax seal, visit here.

Picture Requirements:
1. Due to space constraints, avoid using overly complex images.
2. If your image needs to be redesigned, simplified, or transformed, we will design it for you for free.

How It Works:
Step.1 Select the handle and toolset you want
Step.2 Select the size of Seal
Step.3 use the upload function to upload your work

If you have detailed information about your artwork, please take notes in the remarks column.
Complete the order and complete the payment process.

Once we receive your payment, our designer will produce a drawing for you within two working days. If we judge from experience that the effect is not satisfactory, we will contact you to adjust it. (Please leave your email address when ordering and check your inbox and spam folder for emails from Royalwaxseals.)

For general orders, we will consume 2 ~ 3 working days to produce and complete delivery;
Orders that need to be modified, if we do not receive your feedback within 48 hours, we may start production.

      - Solid black and white image, no shades of grey, samples please refer to picture as below
      - Black represents the area that will be engraved, i.e. the part that will be raised on wax
      - DO NOT mirror or reverse your design, please sent as is
      - File format accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, . BMP
      - Suggested image size: 1000 x 1000 pixels
      - If you'd like a ring around it, please add a black circle as shown in the picture
      - If not, please use a red circle to show us how you'd like it to locate on the seal
      Zoom your design 2mm smaller than the size you order, if the lines/words are clean & clear, it will show up well.

      Please kindly note that special offers do not support modifying product combinations.
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