12MM Series Cake  - Wax Seal Stamp
12MM Series Cake  - Wax Seal Stamp
12MM Series Cake  - Wax Seal Stamp

12MM Series Cake - Wax Seal Stamp

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Wax Seals Stamp were popular in the Middle Ages in Europe and were used for correspondence and document sealing.

Nowadays, playing with fire paint has become a retro and literary trend. It can be used as a special gift for your friends, lovers, and children; even wedding invitations, business invitations, high-end packagings such as wine and jewelry.

Sealing Wax is an indispensable match to show your taste!

Beautifully packed in a burlap pouch of a random color for FREE!

Products Specification

Stamp Material: Copper

Wax Material: Rosin and Artificial Venetian Resin

Wax Color: Gold Wax

Seal Size: As shown, generally 12mm or 15mm

Seal Length:_100mm

Standard Weight: 100g

Package Plans:

Seals Only: Stamp + Flannel bag (No Wax Inside)

Standard Kit: Stamp + Gift box + 1 Sealing Wax

Advanced Kit: Stamp + Gift box + 2 Sealing Wax

Please kindly note that special offers do not support modifying product combinations.

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